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News: 22nd of September, 2021

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nettie.cc is actually live!

Well, there's not much more to say that isn't already in the update I had written two Decembers ago, when I had intended to launch the site and comic at the start of the 2020s. It would be nice to blame the delay on COVID, but all I can really point at is the lacking state RENENETTIE was in -- but also a silly mentality I'd built up, where I was essentially expecting professional art from my amateur hands. That's been done away with, and as such I was able to finish the first proper page to a more sensible standard, which really unclogged my creative toilet.

Thanks to cn for issuing the mutual 22nd-September fatwa. He has done a marvellous heroic bloodshed Newgrounds animation which frankly puts the volume of my contribution to shame, so I'm probably going to put a live grenade under my pillow tonight. I've quite enjoyed the last-minute rush to update the prologue and redo the website; writing this at 4:30am on the 22nd, with somewhere to be tomorrow morning, it feels rather like staying up on Sunday to hammer out an essay you were assigned weeks ago to present to your fucking sociology teacher first thing on Monday in a fugue, and I'm glad I can still pull it off ten years on. I would start the next paragraph with "Arrested development aside, ", but it's actually very in keeping with the themes of my little web-based comic book, so if anything this paragraph should be longer and at the start.

I guess I should add that this website has been cobbled together in very basic HTML and I have no idea how well it will appear on "devices" or "resized windows". Let me know if you notice anything seriously buggered.

Oh, here's something. The first six pages of the prologue are meant to be a moody sort of movie opening, but the effect is all but ruined by the cold machine logic of having to scroll up and down as you click "next page". For it to make sense, you might want to open each image and ctrl+tab through them. This image sizing thing is really confounding me.

RENENETTIE should be a lot easier to make now I've got that first pissing page done.

No exaggeration, I was stuck on the last panel for over a year. Drawing an entire island for whom only small pieces have any sort of handy reference wasn't enough; I also decided to soak the whole page in a dark and stormy night for mise en scene or pathetic fallacy or whatever's funnier to say (surely fallacy), which meant I had to dress it all in these moody shadows. On the plus side, it made my dodgy buildings harder to discern; but it also necessitated gruelling days getting a hundred layers of experimental shading brushes balanced just right. Just a nightmare.

And as I was stuck on it for so long, I came to believe that I was going to shade the whole comic like that, which was as powerful a deterrent to working on it as anything. I really forgot that comics, especially the manga I'm technically indebted to, generally don't go that crazy with the shading. I'm a foul-smelling, hobbled undergraduate of the Toriyama school of shading, which means copious hatching, high-contrast inking, and very conservative screentone; but I also have a poorly-margined, printer-warm diploma from the lesser-known (shall we say continental) college of Masanori Morita (of Rokudenashi Blues and Rookies fame), who had a frustrating tendency to shit out a couple of gorgeous photorealistic spreads per chapter of his beautiful sporty delinquent stories. I've just been getting very confused, something I'm sure has not been helped by the blanket I bought at the start of this fantastically unproductive winter to drape across my legs like a granny who can't be sure if she's losing motor functions or simply never had them to begin with.

But it's done now, and sure enough, now that I'm not fretting about foregrounds and backgrounds and can get back to questionable human forms made of lines and space, the storyboard for the next page flowed out like water.

Of course, there is always something to fret over. I had to hurry back to the first page after some time when I realised I'd dressed the mysterious subject a century too forward, and had to redo not only his cap but all the stupid swirling shadow shit plastered over it. One of those things you do cursory research on and forget about for eighteen months, leaving it for an older and less energetic you to trace your references back to some idiot's fancy dress and spend an hour of damage control trying to Google something that doesn't have a name. I was such a thoughtless fool at 24.

Thanks for reading.

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Welcome to nettie.cc, personal website of J. J. Jones.

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I am he.

What does he do?

I am the writer, artist, editor and marketer of RENENETTIE, a web-based comic book.

I also flirt with speedrunning, YouTube, and game development, but they do not usually reciprocate.

I've had ambitions in fiction writing, film, music production, and N64 romhacking before, but the comic and Twitch seem enough for now (one passion, one diversion).

If there is one thing I do not do, it's work. Ha ha ha


RENENETTIE is a semi-satirical observational historical mythological high/low/urban/oceanpunk/early modern/classical fantasy action/adventure martial arts magical girl allegorical wuxia kitchen-sink slice-of-life swashbuckling dark surrealist cringe psychodramedy of manners taking place in a whimsical world called the Geard.

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Who is Nettie?

Nettie used to be a pliant office girl barely a year out of Sixth Form. Recent events have seen her circumstances change far more drastically than the Department of Work and Pensions could ever imagine.

The website is named after her because she is one of the main characters of RENENETTIE, her name comprises part of its title, and I wanted to make the comic URL "re.ne.nettie.cc".

(The original idea was "re.ne.nett.ie", but you have to be an Irish citizen to use their TLD, and I am not willing to debase myself by even pretending to be Irish.)

I was also bereft of any kind of mascot or logo, so she comprises the website's branding, if you like. That's her in the icon.

Why is RENENETTIE always formatted like that? Do you think it's cute to affect the limitations of early Pokémon games?

A little bit, but it's formatted like that to distinguish the comic RENENETTIE from the in-comic concept Renenettie, whichever form it may or may not take.

This website disgusts me. Where are the moving parts? Why doesn't it look like shit?


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