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News: 2nd of May, 2022

listening to HEADQUARTERS by the monkees

Welcome to May, welcomer to May Day, and welcomest of all to my May Day Release.

I have made many things at once and, though they exist on different platforms, they can all be accessed in one place (below).

I may pursue this "TF2 update" model for releasing "content" - comic pages, videos, site updates, and whatever else - in themed (or at least named) batches in the future, whenever I get way behind on multiple fronts and need to retreat. Whether it pans out long-term or not, it's what seemed most reasonable this time in order to restart Renenettie, finish baking my backlog of half-baked YouTube projects, and return to regular streaming.

But I must admit: when I first set out to make the February Release, I did not expect it to take so long. It would be nice to say that has led to a ridiculous abundance of extra "content", but it was really three months of hiding from my web presence and two weeks of last-minute work. Little has changed in the past 15 years. In fact, there is far less here than I had envisioned: I wanted multiple comic pages done, extra stuff in the new pages, and another two videos, but you and I will make do with what we are given by the grace of an entity.

Enjoy if you want.



  • 1 new page uploaded. It was really going to be 3 but hey ho
  • Production buffer in place:
    • The remainder of the prologue has been scripted
    • I have storyboarded 4 pages ahead, and will hopefully keep that up as I draw
  • Basic questions addressed in FAQ
  • I tried to fix the subdomain ordering but I'm too stupid. If anyone can tell me how to make it https://re.ne.nettie.cc instead of https://nettie.cc/ne/re please do that. Thank you



  • Wrote this summary as a news update
  • New section: "Writings", a home for all non-Renenettie writings and documents:
    • For now I have just put up my fanfiction.net stories. Tales of Wario and Vegeta, of little Mario and Yoshi, of Bratstonk, of towers and hedgemaids. I was not great at being "funny ironic" in my early 20s so they're not very funny and I will be rewriting them all soon.
    • Once the rewrites are done, I'll be continuing It's On Wario and not sure, and starting a few new projects, both "funny irony" type and "serious real" type. They will still go up on FFN because I like the confused reviews
  • New section: "Kinoplex", an index of web videos that I have either made or enjoyed, with short blurbs. I tried to think of my five favourites in each category to start with, so it will only get worse


  • Three new tier 1 emotes. Thank you for this gift, John Amazon:
    • jjjone1Pot, left hand
    • jjjone1Tis, right hand
    • jjjone1Nettis (redone, now simply this website's favicon with added pottis hands)
  • Updated channel panels, OBS scenes, chat commands, and point rewards:
    • added many more potential waifus to !waifu
    • added !donate and !rob
    • increased cost of "eat sunflower seeds" and "60 second horse stance" rewards to prevent abuse
    • changed wording of "die" and "fuck off" rewards to accommodate twitch hugbox rules
    • added a proper donation tracker to "money going to:" overlay
    • money is currently going to a microphone arm to replace Amazon Basics tripod stand for extra floor space (and because Discord doesn't pick my mic up unless I am tongue kissing it)
    • donations now tracked in USD (goal amount is calculated in NZD then converted to USD)


RENENETTIE has a better chance of leaving the prologue before I turn 30.

  • As mentioned above, I've dreamt up a "content buffer", to ensure that whenever the comic is updated I will be a few pages ahead in storyboards/scripts, easing the most arduous process of actually drawing. This could easily be disrupted or abandoned and I'm sure it will, but it's a nice thing to aspire to.
  • As the opening chapters roll out and characters are introduced, the Cast page will be updated with mugshots, starsigns, favourite foods, cup sizes, etc.
  • If the entity is good, I might get better at drawing


  • Lots of creatively bankrupt sequels and reboots! Let's see the top 5 TFTV posts of 2018 soon, and we can't wait for botkiller 3 and sensory-overlaod_edited-5!
  • Three exciting new projects that don't bear explaining: bullshit, jinberi, and ytpmv: you tube pokÉ mon video
  • pottisn't, spiritual successor to the critical darling of 2015, epic - official music video. This was meant to be out last Christmas but my vocalist is insolent and sanctionable
  • ytp: the cold flush, a long-form source-mixing narrative poop
  • Oldschool TF2 pub commentary videos. I've had a lot of ideas for these and am excited to at least try it out, but some hardware barriers linger. I will tear them down
  • Infrequent stream highlights


  • Kinoplex will continue to be stocked with other people's videos as I watch or remember them
  • My transcription of the lyrics of the Constructus Corporation's Ziggurat is about halfway complete, insofar as it can be. I can only promise it will be more accurate than the scattershot attempts on the largernet, and it will account for differences between the official lyricbook and the actual songs.
  • As I've said all over the place, fanfics are due to be rewritten, some continued, and there are more to start as well. And like with Kinoplex, I'll be putting whatever else up as I come across it.
  • Maybe some more images to spruce the place up. Maybe not


  • Filling last 2 emote slots. One idea I had was jjjone1Idiot, with a little Krillin smacking himself in the face with the Boston Basher from the Team Fortress 2
  • Channel trailer. They wouldn't let me use my first attempt, not because I shot it in the toilet but because it ran over 2 minutes. Sorry, John Amazon

That's all.

Oh, RIP to my nana who passed away in the middle of crunch time. It's her fault there's only one comic page. But I'll let her off this time.

I'll be 26 this year. Let me get some of this done before I leave my mid twenties next year. Imagine a man in his late twenties playing video games and writing this shit. Someone younger than me should make a scary comic about that.

Thanks for reading.

Older news can be found in the archive

Welcome to nettie.cc, personal website of the average height male, Jocelyn J. Jones.

Who is Jocelyn J. Jones?

I am he.

What does he do?

I am the writer, artist, editor and marketer of RENENETTIE, a web-based comic book.

I also flirt with speedrunning, YouTube, and game development, but they do not usually reciprocate.

I've had ambitions in fiction writing, film, music production, and N64 romhacking before, but the comic and Twitch seem enough for now (one passion, one diversion).

If there is one thing I do not do, it's work. Ha ha ha


RENENETTIE is a semi-satirical observational historical mythological high/low/urban/oceanpunk/early modern/classical fantasy action/adventure martial arts magical girl allegorical wuxia kitchen-sink slice-of-life swashbuckling dark surrealist cringe psychodramedy of manners taking place in a whimsical world called the Geard.

Read it now for free on my website!

Who is Nettie?

Nettie used to be a pliant office girl barely a year out of Sixth Form. Recent events have seen her circumstances change far more drastically than the Department of Work and Pensions could ever imagine.

The website is named after her because she is one of the main characters of RENENETTIE, her name comprises part of its title, and I wanted to make the comic URL "re.ne.nettie.cc".

(The original idea was "re.ne.nett.ie", but you have to be an Irish citizen to use their TLD, and I am not willing to debase myself by even pretending to be Irish.)

I was also bereft of any kind of mascot or logo, so she comprises the website's branding, if you like. That's her in the icon.

Why is RENENETTIE always formatted like that? Do you think it's cute to affect the limitations of Game Boy RPGs?

A little bit, but it's formatted like that to distinguish the comic RENENETTIE from the in-comic concept Renenettie, whichever form it may or may not take.

This website disgusts me. Where are the moving parts? Why doesn't it look like shit?


I have more questions, specifically about RENENETTIE, your comic book!

It's only natural you should have some questions. Please see the FAQ.


Here they are

Contact & accounts:

  • Émail: feel free to say something to me
  • Twitch: speedruns and casual backlog "variety", probably infrequently for now. Maybe TF2
  • YouTube: see Kinoplex for details
  • Pixiv: jumped the gun, got nothing for it yet but you know


shoutout to sol and no-one else

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